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Restaurant Software software is a software that can control the main tasks of a restaurant such as ordering, billing, checking stock balance and raw materials and etc., by using the Smartphone system and the Computer system.

In Computer system (PC), the software is able to
Define the users according to roles
Store the information of customers and suppliers
Record the transferred stock, damaged stock, and cash flow
View purchase list, total stock balance list, financial reports and etc.

In the smartphone system (Tablet or Smart Phone), there are three roles: Waiter, Cashier and Kitchen
The Waiter role is able to
Order to the kitchen according to what the customers want
Accept the notifications from the kitchen automatically
Know the status of ordered items such as the ordered item is available or not as soon as ordering

The Kitchen role is able to
Accept and print the orders automatically
Notify the status of ordered items to the waiters
Inform the waiters after cooking the ordered items

The Cashier role is able to
Automatically print the bill after payment

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