Which technologies can we train for you?

We have talent person who expert in teaching. Our training program classified as Software Development, Android App Development and Web App Development.

Web App Development Training (3 months)

  • Client Side Technologies
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. Responsive (Bootstrap)
    5. JQuery
    6. AngularJS
    7. AJAX
    8. JSON
  • Server Side Technologies
    1. PHP
    2. MySQL
    3. CSS
    4. Laravel Framework
    5. ASP.Net
    6. MS.SQL
    7. MVC Framework
    8. Project With MVC

Android App Development Training(2 months)

  • Introduction to Android
  • Activities
  • Intent
  • Services
  • Push Notification (GCM)
  • Projcet with MVC Framework

Software Development Training(3 months)

  • C# Programming
  • OOP with C#
  • MS SQL
  • Project with Framework

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We specialize in developing Robust IT Solutions and offering excellent after-saled service to our clients.

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